Close more deals
faster and at less cost

Close more deals
faster and at less cost

Achieve unprecedented sales results with LeadAIrify predictive technology
from Microsoft, providing you with ready to close leads

Achieve unprecedented sales results with "Predictive AI" technology from Google & Microsoft, providing you with ready to close leads

Cutting-edge AI technology

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LeadAIrify predictive technology from Micorsoft is revolutionizing the way investor lead generation, engagement and nurture campaigns are run

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Utilizing cutting-edge predictive AI technology, LeadAIrify identifies & nurtures high-intent investors until they ready to speak with your sales team. 

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LeadAIrify advanced predicitve technology scores each lead based on engagement and segments each lead with low to high intent and prioritizes them accordingly.

Revolutionizing investor lead campaigns

Once a lead reaches a predetermined score demonstrating high intent, they are sent directly to your CRM for efficient follow-up.

With this technology, you enjoy an efficient lead generation and engagement process, allowing you to close more deals, faster, and with a smaller sales team.

Advertizely’s Predictive AI Investor Engagement platform delivers high intent leads ready to close.


How it works

Run multiple lead generation campaigns

MQL (top of the funnel) leads are generated at scale across every major advertising network including high traffic investment publisher sites and instantly enter the LeadAIrify predictive engagement & nurturing software funnel.

Engage & nurture high intent leads

LeadAIrify engages & nurtures the leads with content delivery, on the phone, by email, SMS and WhatsApp to weed out low intent leads & nurture high intent prospects.

Send high intent leads into your CRM

All leads are then scored by LeadAI on engagement and sent to your CRM when they achieve the predetermined number of points and are ready to speak with your sales team.

Increase prospect to lead conversions by 21%

Reduce lead qualification costs by 33%

Increase your lead contact rate from 23% to 69%

Increase your deal conversions to as much as 15.3%

LeadAIrify can help your business save time and money while also improving your sales results.

Do you have difficulty getting through to new leads?

LeadAIrify cutting-edge AI predictive technology from Microsoft meets the modern needs of prospects.

With recent surveys showing that 90% of prospects prefer to communicate through messaging apps and email before speaking with a real person, LeadAIrify engages leads through these channels.

LeadAI can reach and communicate easily with unlimited prospects, increasing the chances of quickly identifying and nurturing large volumes of leads with high intent.


Omni channel lead generation & qualification

Omni channel lead generation & qualification

LeadAIrify is integrated with  our cross channel lead generation platform at with access to 12B+ daily traffic impressions to capture MQL leads at the cheapest rates possible. 

This means that we generate MQL investment leads from more than 2oo supply partners including Google & Facebook through PPC, display, contextual, video, social media, content networks, affiliate networks and more.


High-intent leads who want to speak with you

LeadAIrify ensures that leads are effectively engaged and scored throughout the process.

This helps to identify leads with high intent and prioritize them for your sales team, ensuring they only receive the most promising prospects.


Proven follow-up process for better conversion rates

Proven follow-up process for better conversion rates

Once a lead has reached a predetermined score that qualifies them as a sales-qualified lead, they are ready to speak with your team and are sent directly to your CRM for efficient follow-up.

This qualification process helps ensure that the lead is genuinely interested in alternative investment products or services and has the potential to become a client.


Make more money, with less sales people

Your sales people will have a complete 360-degree view of all the lead’s interactions with us from the moment they make contact, giving them a clear understanding of the lead’s interests and needs.

This allows your sales team to personalize their approach and tailor their pitch to the individual lead, which can improve the chances of closing a sale.



Lead nurturing and engagement with LeadCloseAI through:

  • Phone
  • Messaging apps
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Content Delivery
  • Workflow Automation
  • Conversational Intelligence

is a cheaper and faster way to identify high-intent investment leads because LeadCloseAI can reach an unlimited number of MQL (top of funnel) leads simultaneously, at a very low cost. Whereas, old school traditional methods, require one-on-one contact with each lead. This allows LeadCloseAI to cast a massive net, and identify more high intent investor leads in less time.

LeadCloseAI can identify leads – at lightning speed – which are showing the most engagement and interest in the content delivered to them. With AI & Machine Learning from Microsoft, LeadCloseAI then focuses resources to nurture those leads until they are ready to speak with your sales team.

Using LeadCloseAI, an unlimited number in house agents can also interact with these high intent leads in real-time and provide additional real-time value and information. This helps to increase engagement and build trust, which leads to higher conversion rates.

Intelligent AI lead nurturing with LeadCloseAI  is much less expensive than old school telemarketing methods of lead qualification. This is because, at a fraction of the cost, LeadCloseAI can reach and nurture unlimited prospects simultaneously.


  • Reaches leads at scale 
  • Quickly identifies the most promising leads 
  • Increases engagement and conversion rates 
  • Saves on the costs associated with traditional methods of opening, qualification and nurturing.


Content marketing helps identify high intent prospects by providing valuable information that is tailored to their specific needs and interests.

As leads engage with different types of content, their actions and behaviours indicate their level of interest and intent to invest.

Engagement Metrics: High engagement metrics, such as a high number of views, clicks, and shares, indicate that a lead is highly interested in the content they are consuming. They are actively seeking out information on a specific investment topic or solution.

Lead Scoring:

LeaLeadAIrify uses lead scoring to assign a numerical value to different actions leads take on our website, such as downloading an ebook or signing up for a webinar. Leads with high lead scores are likely to have a higher level of intent.

Time spent on content:

The amount of time spent on a specific piece of content or page, also indicates the level of interest and intent of a lead. Longer time spent on pages, indicate that the lead might be reading more carefully and gathering more information.

Form submissions:

When a lead fills out a form in order to access certain content, such as an ebook or whitepaper, it can indicate that they are highly interested in the investment topic and are likely to be a high-intent lead.

Sharing Content:

When a leads shares content from our website on social media, it shows that they are engaging with the content and that they are also interested in what alternative investments are on offer.

Repeat engagement:

Repeat engagement, such as visiting a website multiple times, can indicate that a lead is engaging with content and is likely to have a higher level of intent.

By tracking and analysing the behaviour of leads on our website and social media channels, LeadAIrify can identify high intent prospects and target messaging and outreach efforts to those individuals more effectively and with more relevance.

Additionally, if the content and messaging is tailored to the needs of the audience, LeadAIrify can identify high intent leads that are truly ready to invest in alternative products.


There are several types of content marketing that LeadAIrify delivers to qualify and identify high intent prospects before they are ready to speak with you.

Blog posts:

Blog posts that address common questions or pain points related to existing investment products or services can help educate leads and show them the value alternative investments can provide.

Ebooks and whitepapers:

Ebooks and whitepapers can provide in-depth information about alternative investments and can help reduce the perceived risk of investing in non traditional products.

Webinars and video content:

Webinars and videos can provide a more interactive experience for leads, and can be a great way to demonstrate how different alternative investments work and answer common questions.

Case studies:

Case studies can show how alternative investments have helped other people achieve higher than usual returns, which can help leads envision how it might benefit them as well.


Infographics can be a great way to present complex information in a visually engaging way, and can be useful in providing leads with a quick and easy-to-digest summary of various alternative investments.

Email campaigns:

Email campaigns can be used to provide leads with valuable information and insights related to different alternative investments, and is a great way to nurture leads over time.

By providing leads with relevant, valuable information, these types of content helps our LeadAIrify qualify and identify high intent prospects by showing them the value alternative investments can provide.


Automating communication with leads through content delivery, messaging apps, phone and email before speaking with them can be beneficial from a qualifying perspective because it allows LeadAIrify to gather more information about the lead before you speak with them.

LeadAIrify can gather critical sales intelligence about each leads´ needs, pain points, and goals, which can help determine whether he/she is a good fit for alternative investments.

LeadAIrify to tailor relevant messaging and content before a live call. This can increase the chances of a successful conversation.

By using this information gathered through messaging and email, LeadAIrify creates a better qualified lead, by highlighting the specific features that could be most helpful for he/she and showing he/she how your solution can help them solve their problems.

LeadAIrify establishes a relationship through engagement and relevant content delivery on your behalf before the live call. Which means each lead is more likely to be open and responsive to your sales pitch if he/she feels like they already know you and trust you.

It also provides a way for you to better understand the expectations of each lead, what they are looking for and what they are expecting from the conversation with you. This way you can tailor the conversation more effectively and increase the chances of a positive outcome.


Take the first step towards closing more deals

LeadAIrify allows for a full view of lead interactions throughout the sales process, giving sales teams the ability to tailor their pitches and increase their chances of making a sale.


LeadAIrify uses predictive technology from Microsoft to streamline the lead qualification process, improving efficiency and increasing conversion rates by focusing on high-intent prospects. This helps businesses reach their sales goals by saving time and reducing costs while increasing revenue


 LeadAIrify enriches data from LinkedIn and other social media networks to provide valuable background information to sales teams, allowing them to tailor their approach and close more deals quickly. This leads to an increase in revenue for businesses. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your sales efforts.


Who are we?

LeadAIrify is a cutting-edge, AI-powered lead generation and qualification platform that is part of, a cross-channel lead generation network since 2019. Advertizely has executed thousands of campaigns across all advertising channels on their proprietary traffic buying platform.

To generate leads at scale, Advertizely is connected to most SSPs and real-time exchanges, including Google and Facebook. This allows Advertizely to secure the best-performing ad placements at the cheapest rates possible for investor lead generation campaigns. With this approach Advertizely is able to generate unlimited MQL leads.

Once the leads are generated, LeadAIrify takes over and leads are analyzed and qualified. LeadAIrify uses predictive AI and machine learning to weed out low-intent prospects and focus all resources engaging, nurturing and qualifying high-intent leads until they are ready to speak with the sales team.


12 Billion+

Daily Impressions

Advertizely has access to up to 12 billion daily traffic impressions



Supply Partners

Connected to more than 200 advertising sources including Google & Facebook 



Global Coverage

Advertizely delivers web traffic from 98% of global visitors


The lead generation experts

"The key to successful lead generation is to understand that it's a process, not a one-time event. It requires a consistent, ongoing effort to identify, nurture, and qualify leads until they are ready to speak with you.