Lead Generation Case Study

Sports hospitality company generates leads from small to mid size businesses


A Scandinavian hospitality company approached Advertizely to promote their hospitality packages for the Monte Carlo open. Targeting purely B2B customers, they needed to completely sell out their package allocation six months prior to the tournament. The high end price of their packages which started at €20,000 meant that only a narrow niche audience would be interested. Previous campaigns were run in print periodicals but became less effective as readership switched to the internet. And their early foray into the digital marketing space had yielded very poor results.


  • A digital ad and lead generation campaign was developed and ads were purchased at invitation only premium publisher sites where this niche audience could be located.  The campaign was run over three months using a variety of ad designs and copy with direction to high quality responsive landing pages.

  • Tight demographic targeting guaranteed the ads were shown only to an affluent audience familiar with hospitality sporting events and were Scandinavian speakers.
  • A retargeting campaign was also developed to re-engage this affluent audience and keep the Monte Carlo Open front-of-mind and to bring back previous landing page visitors.

  • The lead generation campaign was optimized for performance by device, time of day, creative, ad placements landing pages and geo targeting. 

Campaign Details