Lead Generation Case Study

Amateur Racing Club generates memeberhsip leads from local display ads


An amateur racing club wanted to promote their new membership package to local residents within a twenty mile radius of their track and club. All efforts to generate leads online via PPC and FB had failed and valuable marketing spend had been wasted. Advertizely were asked to generate self confirming leads which would not require any sales follow up, but would instead, through intense targeting, invite responders down to an all inclusive club open day over a summer weekend.  


  • A digital ad and lead generation campaign was built focusing on local car racing enthusiasts, who regularly consumed professional and amateur racing content but had never held membership to any racing club.

  • Niche demographic targeting guaranteed the ads were shown only to people who regularly consumed racing content. Further targeting included age, household income, marital status and and location. 
  • A retargeting campaign was also developed to re-engage the local audience and keep the racing club´s open day, front-of-mind and to bring back the previous website visitors who had originally responded to the display ads.
  • The lead generation campaign was optimized for performance by device, time of day, creative, ad placements landing pages and geo targeting. 

Campaign Details