Lead Generation Case Study

Property company generates leads from display ads with conversions to sales


A UK property investment company had been trying for two years to sell foreclosed homes in the USA to UK consumer investors. A number of channels had been used to generate leads. But the distance and nature of the investment meant that PPC search volumes were more or less non existent and the reach over social channels numbered only in the hundreds. Advertizely were charged with putting together a lead generation campaign which could deliver 400+ serious investor leads every month.


  • A digital ad and lead generation campaign was built which included compelling digital investment and economic ads which would appeal to high risk investors and drive them to a conversion page which would convert leads into instant call backs for their sales department using VOIP technology.

  • Niche demographic targeting, guaranteed the ads were shown only to people consuming money making and high risk investment content, filtered by age, gender, marital status income and previous investment behaviour. 
  • A retargeting campaign was also developed to re-engage this audience and keep the USA foreclosure market front of mind to bring back the previous website visitors who had consumed relevant money making content.
  • The lead generation campaign was optimized for performance by device, time of day, creative, ad placements landing pages and geo targeting. 

Campaign Details