Lead Generation Case Study

Investment promoter generates leads from high risk investors


A newly formed investment brokerage wanted to sell structured loan notes to investors. Given the nature of the product and existing regulations, they could only target high risk investors who qualified as sophisticated investors and deemed suitable for this product. A small number of email marketing campaigns were tried but failed to yield any measurable results. Advertizely were asked to generate leads on a tight budget. 


  • A digital ad and lead generation campaign was developed and ads were served only to an audience consuming stock and investment futures related content. The campaign emphasized the high risk nature of the product but also the unusually high returns and users were directed to high quality responsive landing pages.

  • Tight demographic targeting guaranteed the ads were shown only on financial sites with a heavy content bias toward penny shares, futures and options, and only to users who had a previous history of browsing related sites. 
  • A retargeting campaign was also developed to re-engage this high risk investor audience and keep the structured loan notes front of mind and to bring back previous landing page visitors.
  • The lead generation campaign was optimized for performance by device, time of day, creative, ad placements landing pages and geo targeting. 

Campaign Details