Lead Generation Case Study

Dental practice generates leads from local audience


A family dental practice was struggling to grow their local practice. Their practice uses less invasive dental techniques and needed to reach out to nervous patients. With local dental services becoming an increasingly competitive category, the owners knew they needed a creative and cost effective marketing solution to win new patients. They turned to AdPulse Media to create a digital advertising campaign that would be effective in generating local awareness and acquiring new patients.


  • A digital ad and lead generation campaign was developed and ads were purchased on premium local publishers sites where this niche audience could be located and on large national media sites visited by an audience within a five mile radius of the practice  The campaign was run over three months using a variety of ad designs and copy with direction to high quality responsive landing pages.

  • Tight demographic targeting guaranteed the ads were shown only to an audience who had previously consumed content related to cosmetic dentistry, where visitors were invited to call the practice for an appointment.
  • A retargeting campaign was also developed to re-engage this audience and keep cosmetic dentistry front of mind and to bring back previous landing page visitors.
  • The lead generation campaign was optimized for performance by device, time of day, creative, ad placements landing pages and local geo targeting. 

Campaign Details