Frequently asked questions


What does Advertizely do?

Advertizely creates and executes powerful digital advertising campaigns to reach and generate leads from any target audience online.

We do ad campaigns and generate leads for hundreds of brands, agencies, e-commerce sites, local businesses and we have delivered millions of targeted, quality  leads through thousands of ad campaigns.

Every lead generation campaign is custom-built using a results-oriented approach, focused on finding, engaging and converting the target audience.

Why choose Advertizely

Our managed lead generation service includes everything needed for successful online advertising. We do all the work for you, so you can focus on running your business.

From campaign strategy & planning to professional ad design, data-driven audience targeting, and page-level ad placement across the web’s top sites, we work with you to meet your lead generation goals.

Unlike many lead generation companies, we don’t represent the websites we target. Our only allegiance is towards you the advertiser, and your success. This is in contrast to many generation companies that must sell ad inventory on behalf of their publishers.

Display Advertising

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is the use of visual ads combining text, images and photos to communicate an advertising message. Ads are placed directly on websites, within the site’s content. Clicking on an ad brings the user directly to the advertiser’s site or landing page. Done properly, display advertising is proven to boost awareness, increase related searches, drive both online and offline sales and generate qualify leads. With display advertising, you can easily reach a huge audience as they’re engaged with content related directly to what you’re selling – on leading websites they know and trust. Targeted display ads can be served to specific audiences across the web, shown to people based on their search & browsing behaviour.

How can display advertising generate leads?

Online display advertising can be used to quickly generate quality leads awareness of your business from customers with whom you wish to do business with. Unlike search marketing, which requires some prior knowledge of what you’re offering, display ads create interest in your product or service with people who previously did not know about your offer.

Targeted display ads can reach consumers at the exact moment they’re considering their purchase options and deciding what to buy or who to buy it from. You can connect with new customers as they’re seeking the exact solutions, products or services that you offer.

Display advertising works extremely well for direct response lead generation campaigns. And targeted display ads promoting a specific offer, product or service with a clear call-to-action, means extremely high conversions at a cost-effective price.

Studies have shown that the combination of search marketing and online display advertising can greatly increase sales by as much as 119% (Source: iProspect).

Your lead generation campaign can work hand-in-hand with all your other marketing efforts. Display ads with retargeting can be served across the web to your websites visitors from any and all your traffic sources.


Can I track campaign performance?

Every ad campaign includes 24/7 access to fully transparent reporting data, in real-time.

Our advertiser dashboard shows you all of the sites where your ads appear, ad impressions, clicks, CTR, & more.

Where do my ads appear?

Placement of your ads to generate leads depends on your targeting, and the geographic areas you select. Your ads will be shown only to your chosen audience on a variety of high-quality sites related to what you’re selling.

Our network of sites includes topic-specific websites, blogs & focused niche sites in every category. Every site is pre-qualified for quality & relevant content.

Ads are placed above the fold so that they are seen without having to scroll down. This is proven to be seven times more effective than ads placed elsewhere on a web page.

Through AI optimization, your ads will be shown more often on the sites where they generate the most lead conversions.


What is retargeting?

Retargeting is secondary targeted online advertising that ashows your ads to people people who have previously visited your website or searched for specific keywords.

Users see these ads on all their devices which seem to follow them all over the web which constantly reminds them about your products or services. Retargeting brings these users to your site which is well proven to increase conversion rates and boost ROI.


Which retargeting solution should I use?

Advertizley provides both search retargeting and site retargeting to engage those high-intent individuals who have demonstrated interest. You can choose one or both within a campaign and pay only one flat-rate price.

These two do not compete but are complimentary to each other. Search retargeting brings you new prospects, while site retargeting brings back the projected 98% of site visitors who don’t convert on their first visit.

Site retargeting shows your ads exclusively to people who have previously visited your website, but left without making a purchase.

Search retargeting allows you to target ads based on search behaviour. Your ads are only shown to people who are already looking for your products or services or your competitors.


Why is retargeting so effective?

Retargeting keeps you front of mind and is well proven to be the most effective way to increase conversions and boost ROI. Lead generation campaigns which use retargeting generate much higher click-through rates and better quality increased conversions.

Typically, only 2% of a website’s visitors will convert on the first visit. Retargeting engages and brings back the other 98% when they’re ready to purchase or convert to a lead.


How does retargeting work?

To set up a retargeting campaign, we provide you with a snippet of code that you paste into the footer of your website.

The code has no effect on your website or your site’s performance. Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the code sends an anonymous browser “cookie”.

Then, when that visitor browses the web, your ads are served to only to people who have previously visited your site and received that anonymous code.

For search retargeting, you just provide your keyword list and ads are only shown to people who have recently searched for those keywords.

Advertizely provide pre-built search retargeting campaigns with relevant keywords.


Where do retargeting ads appear?

Your ads will be shown to users everywhere they go online. Integration with all major ad networks and ad exchanges provides access to over 95% of display inventory on the web.

All sites have been verified for quality, and if necessary, sites can be blacklisted where you do not want your ads to appear.

Mobile Advertising

What is mobile advertising?

Mobile advertising reaches consumers on their mobile phones and tablets with highly targeted ads based on the places they go offline.

Marketers know that the places people go, and what they do, are the best indicators of their purchase behaviour.

Mobile ads can perform 4-5 times better than online ads.

How does mobile targeting work?

Advertizely´s location-based mobile advertising uses the GPS technology built into mobile phones to capture offline consumer activity, in a way never before possible with.

Our knowledge of offline, real-world consumer behaviour, means we can precisely identify and reach a very highly targeted audience.

You can reach new customers and generate quality leads as they browse popular mobile sites or interact with mobile apps.


How does hyper-local targeting work??

If you are looking to reach a local audience to generate leads or calls, we can display your mobile ads within any pre-defined radius around any location using GPS technology

Your ads will be seen on mobile sites and mobile apps to people near your business, or even near your competitors.

Integration with all the major mobile networks and ad exchanges means exposure wherever people go on the mobile web.

Ad Placement

Can I choose specific sites?

No, because instead, you select the exact audience you want to reach – which is far more targeted and powerful.

Placing ads on a variety of different sites increases and showing those ads only to the people you want to see your ad increases the effectiveness of any lead generation campaign.


Are there any types of campaigns you do not accept?

We do not accept ads promoting illegal activities, prohibited content or adult-related ads Ads and any offers must not be false, deceptive or misleading.


How do you reach my audience?

When anyone browses the web and visits a web site, the keywords they’ve searched, the pages they visit, the time they view each page, the links they click on and the content they interact with, is all collected to create a data profile that attaches to that person’s browser. As a result, this behavioural data is used to create highly targeted, customized audience segments.

Additionally, specific web pages with content that relates to your offer can be identified. Ads are then be served only to those high performing, most relevant pages. Your ads can be shown not just on relevant sites, but on pages deep within a website as visitors view content that’s highly relevant to your offer.

Depending on the lead generation campaign, we advise both page-level targeting and behavioural targeting. This provides the greatest reach and provides the most effective lead generation performance. Continued optimization adjusts the lead generation campaign according to the most successful outcomes.

What is behavioural targeting?

Behavioural targeting is an advanced method used to generate leads from people within a target market. Ads are served on sites across the web, but only to people within the pre-defined audience segments.

Using advanced machine learning, we custom-build specific audience profiles based on search & browsing behaviours exhibited online. By combining various criteria like keywords searched, pages visited, content consumed, competitor visits, brand affinities and more, it is easy to create a precise audience segments of buyers for any product or service.

Behavioural targeted ads follow the user as they browse different sites and direct them to your site. This increases the credibility and trust of your brand because you are always front of mind and appear to look much bigger to your target audience, as your ads seem to be everywhere.

What is page level targeting?

Page-level targeting reaches your target audience at the exact moment they’re interacting with specific web content. Ad serving technology allows the ads to be served in real-time only to people visiting a particular page within a website.

Ads are shown to the visitors of pre-selected pages that include content which relates closely with your offer. Your prospects see your ads at the precise moment they’re researching your topic and considering their purchasing options.


What’s the campaign process?

Simply use our specific lead generation calculators to refine your campaign requirements and then contact us. We will then look at your existing online advertising efforts and advise the best way to proceed. It may be in some cases we recommend a new landing page with is highly optimized to capture high quality leads from people with high intent. We will then design the ads required to drive the traffic back to your landing page to convert as a lead or to convert to a call to your business.

Can I provide my own ads?

Yes. If you’d prefer to provide your own ads, you can send banner ads in the following formats:

Approved ad sizes:

300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 300×600
320×50 (mobile), 300×50 (mobile)

File size: Up to 150 KB




We support all popular ad tags from 3rd party ad servers. To use ad tags, ask your account manager.

Pricing & Payment

How much does it cost?

All lead generation campaigns are purchased for a simple flat rate price. Simply use the relevant calculator to select how many leads you would like and the advertising exposure required to generate those leads will be calculated along with other metrics.
There is no expensive pay-per-click charges or any additional fees.

We can for an additional charge design your ads and landing page(s) or you can supply us with your own.

What are my payment options?

You can pay securely by bank transfer or PayPal.