High Quality Books Leads

Reach millions of book shoppers & generate leads


Smart book shoppers lead marketing

Advertizely makes it easy for alternative book marketers of all types & budgets to reach highly specific  “in-market” book shopper audiences that generate high quality buyer leads.

We custom build book shopper lead marketing solutions by combining premium ad placements, hyper precise audience targeting, engaging ad creatives, conversion optimized landing pages, effective retargeting, ongoing optimization and comprehensive reporting.

Every book shopper lead marketing campaign is fully managed – it’s all done for you.

All done for you: advertising & book shopper lead marketing campaigns

Find your ideal audience and generate quality books leads

Book shopper lead marketing network

Sell more books

To build your book shopper lead marketing campaign, we carefully select online ad placements across a network of thousands of top sites, on pages with content that compliments your offer and industry.

Well designed ads on premium sites convert like crazy, because they’re surrounded by quality content relevant to your books offer and reach well defined, engaged book shoppers.

With  lead marketing ads across an entire network of  sites, you´re hitting your ideal audience and drive engagement, brand awareness & conversion to quality book shopper leads.

Custom Book Lead Marketing Campaigns

Every business is different. That’s why we custom-build every book shopper lead marketing campaign for maximum response whatever your budget.

Generate Book Leads on Premium Sites

Generate quality book shopper leads across a premium network of the web’s most trusted sites, and the quality audiences they attract, perfect for your campaigns. 

Generate Book Leads on Every Device

Reach everyone, everywhere on any device. Your ads can be delivered on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Above-the-Fold Ad Placement

Your ads are placed near the top of thousands of web pages and seen without scrolling down to the bottom of a page.

Real-Time Reporting

Get detailed insights into lead marketing campaign performance. Log in 24/7 & view fully transparent reporting. Learn what’s driving conversions.

Book Lead Marketing Optimization

For maximum book shopper lead marketing results, your campaign is monitored and adjusted for more exposure on the best performing sites and ad placements.

Powerful book shopper targeting solutions

Zoom in on your perfect book buyer

We combine both behavioral targeting and page-level site targeting so your ads are not only placed near specific content on quality brand-safe sites, but also served across the web to people whose interests, demographics, search & browsing behaviour has identified them within your target audience as book buyers.

We custom build your ad campaign using all of the targeting strategies required to meet your books lead marketing goals.

Books lead marketing targeting

Book Lead Marketing Page-Level Targeting

Your book lead marketing ads are delivered in real-time to super engaged consumers, the exact moment they’re viewing content related to what you offer.

Book Lead Marketing in-Market Behavior

You’ll get quality book shopper leads from people who are actively researching or shopping for the types of books you sell.

Book Shopper Demographic Targeting

Show your ads by gender, age group, income level, language, ethnic groups, life stage or by almost any filter you choose.

Book Shopper Location Targeting

Your ads will be seen only where you do business or locations you wish to target. Zoom in by country, city or town, post codes, or DMA.

Book Shopper Keyword Targeting

The words and phrases typed into search engines are the most important indicator of behaviour intent. Target book shoppers based on keywords searched.

Book Shopper Lead Marketing Buyer Intent

Generate book shopper leads across the web from people who have visited competitor sites and who demonstrate powerful purchase intent signals.

Books lead marketing retargeting

Returning visitors mean more books sold

More Book shopper leads. Better sales

Retargeting is the most effective way to generate leads online & sell more books. You’ll bring back your past landing page and website visitors as they continue to see your ads while browsing other sites across the web. Before you know it, they’re back on your buying books.

We can include retargeting as part of your book shopper lead marketing campaign or you can run your own campaign.

Target Specific Reader Audiences

Run limitless retargeting book shopper lead marketing campaigns for different products or for users who visited specific pages on your site or landing pages.

De-Target Your Reader Prospects

You can “de-target” people who have already signed-up as a book shopper lead or made a purchase and don´t need to see your lead marketing ads again.

Build Your Book Reader Brand

Book shopper lead marketing retargeting ads make you appear bigger than you are,  as your ads seem to follow users, displayed everywhere across the web.

Reach Valuable Readers

Reach people who have already signed up as a book shopper lead and target them with different ads related to the books you sell.

Enhanced Book Shopper Lead Marketing

We follow the data and retarget those site and landing page visitors most likely to convert based on their off-site behaviour and purchase intent signals.

Proven Book Shopper Lead Marketing Results

Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert to a high quality lead or book buyer on a website after being exposed to repeated retargeting ads.

Book lead marketing ads and landing pages that convert

Best online book lead marketing practices

We copy write and design your book shopper lead marketing ads and landing pages to match your website style, branding, logo and images together with powerful calls-to-action.

Our copy writing and book shopper lead marketing design process follows best online marketing practices, which aligns your ads with the offer on the landing pages that the ads point to, providing high quality conversion rates.

Books ad & landing page design

Experienced Book Copywriters & Designers

Get custom designed book lead marketing landing pages and ads that match your brand and offer. No templates or automated ad builders are used.

Save on Copywriting & Design Costs

Powerful book shopper landing page and ad design can cost thousands of pounds. Get professional copy writing and design included with your ad campaign.

Revision & Modification

We’ll do any changes needed to get your landing pages and ads just right! Your book shopper lead marketing campaign goes live after your approval.

A / B Split Testing

Increase book sales and learn what performs best. Split test different copy, messages, images, colors, fonts, buttons, etc.

Book Shopper Display Ads Work

Display advertising is predicted to overtake search for lead marketing & book sales because targeted display ads generate quality leads & sales!

Use Your Own Creatives

Got your own landing pages and banner ads already tested and ready to go? No problem. We can run your lead marketing campaign, our version or both.

Mobile books lead marketing

Book Shopper Lead Marketing Campaigns Across Any Device

Intent-based book buyer targeting

Generate book shopper leads from your target audience on their mobile phones and tablets with highly targeted lead marketing campaigns across the mobile web.

We combine data-driven, intent-based targeting with demographics, location, device, and online purchase intent signals to build your mobile lead marketing campaign. You can run part or your entire campaign on mobile.

Precise Mobile Book Buyer Audiences

Generate book shopper leads on mobile devices based on user interest and purchase intent signals and previous browsing history gathered across devices.

Data-Driven Book Buyer Targeting

Our data-enhanced targeting allows you to generate book shopper leads from tbuyers based on multiple purchase and in-market behaviour intent signals.


Using GPS technology, we can generate book buyer leads from mobile ads we display within any pre-defined radius around any specified location.

Target Any Device

Generate high quality book buyer leads from any type of mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android,  and Windows Mobile.

Location Affinities

Audience data can show which locations show the highest propensity towards your book buyer lead marketing campaign – down to the post code level!

Mobile Ad Design

We can copy write and design your landing pages and ads specifically for mobile lead marketing performance, which is different from desktop page and ad design.

Reduce your ad & lead marketing costs by up to 70%

Pay for ad traffic, not pay-per-lead. It´s cheaper

You’ll reduce your lead marketing costs by paying only for the ad traffic, instead of paying per lead. Our digital advertising experts collaborate with you to understand your business, your offer, your target audience and your lead marketing goals and purchase relevant targeted ad traffic at wholesale rates.

We set up, manage and optimize your book buyer lead marketing campaign so that you end up paying up to 70% less than you would to a pay per lead provider (who usually purchase the traffic from us direct and mark up lead conversions by 100%+)

More book buyer lead marketing features

Flat-Rate Pricing

All ad traffic for book buyer lead marketing campaigns are purchased for a simple flat-rate price. Everything is included so you’ll always know your exact cost upfront.

Campaign Management

It’s all done for you. From audience targeting to copywriting and design to ad placement and optimization, there’s no effort or work you’ll need to do.

Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll have a single point of contact so you can always speak to an account manager who understands your book buyer lead marketing campaign.

Brand Safety

Protect the integrity of your brand and lead marketing campaign with our hand vetted, pre-approved publisher sites, plus 3rd-party ad verification to ensure quality.

Real-Time Reporting

Get detailed insights into campaign performance. Log in 24 / 7 and view all the sites where your ads appear, impressions, clicks, CTR & conversion to leads.

No Long-Term Contracts

There’s no long-term contract or obligation beyond your purchased ad traffic plan. Generate leads, come back and scale up for more!