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Online Advertising

DSP for agencies & marketers

Online advertising across any channel anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world

Programmatic & RTB

Automated… programmatic & personalised online advertising across any channel, device and ad format. Advertizely´s cross channel DSP platform empowers you to execute end-to-end online advertising campaigns across all the major online advertising channels on one single platform without the burden of running campaigns across multiple online advertising platforms

One platform for end-to-end online advertising

Drive traffic to your website for:

  • leads
  • awareness
  • consideration
  • purchase
  • service
  • conquest
  • and repurchase

all with one online advertising platform

Online advertising across any channel & device

Reach your widest possible audience with Advertizely´s online advertising platform. Precision targeting, tracking and deep analytics reporting across major channels like search, social, display, native, video, OTT/CTV and email.

Better campaign results with just one online advertising platform

With Advertizely´s online advertising platform, agencies and marketers can at last deploy unified campaign strategies without the need to manage data and analytics across multiple platforms. Critical insights into all your campaigns at one glance, improves efficiency, costs and performance results.

Machine learning (ML) automates and scales your online advertising campaigns

Drive better performance and reach online advertising objectives with Advertizely´s intelligent ML engine. Monitor and optimise online advertising across multiple platforms in just one place, to reduce ad spend waste. Let automation improve the bottom line by reinvesting money saved back into campaigns.

One world & one place for all your online advertising results

Eliminate online advertising across a digital siloed world Get access to campaign performance and reporting across all platforms instantly. Synchronise campaigns across different platforms and let Advertizely´s ML engine intelligently allocate budget where needed. Leave behind the siloed world of different media channels and devices.

Multi-account and multi-user management

With Advertizely´s partnership account management we manage all your client accounts in one place. We create customized dashboard views with different time zones, currencies and more. Share reports or schedule automated reports to keep you or your clients informed and up-to-date in real time.

Deliver online advertising messages to consumers and businesses around the area

Engage and drive better marketing strategies by communicating personalized online advertising messages to your customers’ devices through proximity targeting

Target prospects anywhere to within two metres

Target prospects visiting specific geographical areas or locations with our geo-fencing capability. Deliver online advertising targeting/remarketing strategies based on behavior or location history. And deliver personalised ads to any device that visits your target zone.

Target anyone with Advertizely´s online advertising platform

Pin point an ideal audience or prospect persona and add to online advertising campaigns together with other chosen targeting options such as location and demographics. With over 50 data providers to choose from, you can find anyone, anywhere. 

Build hyper targeted online advertising campaigns

Combine location, demographics, custom 3rd party audiences with media segments for more reach and online advertising campaign performance. Choose quality over quantity.

Personalise online advertising campaigns to prospects in real-time

Personalize online advertising campaigns based on browsing history, demographics, interests, location, time of day, seasonality, weather, language and many more triggers to generate data-driven, relevant ads in real-time across different channels.

Get dynamic & responsive online advertising creatives with the Advertizely platform

We can take your creative assets into our designer environment and create or assemble interactive and stylish Dynamic Ads.  Connected to all sorts of data feeds (created using our Curator) to enable display of content that can be refreshed and updated in real-time. Generate large number of variants for your creatives for A/B testing to discover the optimal ads.

Connect directly with customers & prospects anywhere

Dynamic content online advertising lets you connect directly at the first touch point for engagement, response and improves the customer journey for better campaign results and improved ROI.

Bring your online advertising campaigns to life with feeds!

With our Curator can you scrape, assemble and remix content from social media, websites, product catalogs/SKUs, CRMs, RSS feeds, blogs and more to create product or content feeds. We can use these feeds to create dynamic ads that adapt to your audience segments or user journey using DCO on the fly.

Connect to major online advertising exchanges and data vendors for global reach

Instant access to over 100 online advertising exchanges and data providers across the globe, to reach anyone… anytime… anywhere.

With Advertizely´s online advertising DSP platform

We can build ads, videos, audiences, test positioning & strategies, compare reports, launch, optimise your multi-channel online advertising campaigns and more! An all-in-one platform


We leverage our powerful DSP engine to buy into global media and data networks. Powered by machine learning for large-scale automated execution.

Eco system

With our online advertising platform: you can track  your online advertising campaigns to get critical insights into your prospects and customers.

Ad builder

We create engaging, responsive and dynamic ads for use across every channel. Personalised ads using our DCO and A/B split testing for effectiveness.


Get actionable insights on metrics like conversions. Attribution modeling measures traffic sources, including footfall attribution for online-to-offline

Managed campaign & lead generation solutions

Everything done for you.

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Generate leads with ads on top tier websites based upon your specific customer interests and in-market behaviour.

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Convert high-intent prospects into leads after they´ve left your site and are browsing other sites across the web

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Connect with potential customers through data-driven, intent-based hyper accurate targeting across all mobile devices.

Generate high quality leads anytime

Explore our platform for lead generation

Powerful Ads that drive new leads

Get attention-grabbing ads that generate qualified leads

Get proven lead generation performance

Data-driven targeting finds potential customers & generates leads



549% increase in leads from ads served to specific audiences based upon previous browsing history



76% increase in leads generated after being exposed to repeated targeting ads across multiple devices

Track your success

Our advertiser and lead generation dashboards show you campaign performance reporting in real-time.

Log in and see all the sites where your ads appear, which sites generated the best leads, ad impressions, clicks, CTR and more.